Hello, My name is Alexsondra Tomasulo.

Welcome to my blog. As a child, I had visions of being a writer, well, I saw myself sitting at a desk, typewriter in front of me with well organized stacks of papers on either side.  Now, some  60 years later, I sit at a desk in front of my i mac with a creative disarray of notes, poems, to- do lists and, yes, bills.  This is a relatively new endeavor.

For the past 40 some odd years I was immersed in the world of pottery. My relationship with clay became meditative and intimate. I experienced the Spirit force, that speaks through all things. Without the many years of solitary centering at the wheel, I would not have the ability to speak my story.

My favorite pastime , though pastime doesn’t offer it the sense of importance it deserves, is daydreaming. To be able to expose your heart and soul to the majesty of a single moment, surrendering all preconceived notions is a blessing worth pursuing. And it is in this vein that I share my blog. I hope to allow it to have a rhythm of curious uncertainty, as I write  my  mental and emotional travels of a life still blossoming. The topics will vary considerably, but at the core is the  importance of the human spirit and self discovery.